May 27 through June 19, 2022

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Red Jasper

By Michael Madden


Director: Michael Madden

Producer: Michael Madden and Heather Kenney

Featuring  Lana Hartwell, Duane Weekly, Shelley Benoit, Kylie Young, and Jerry Young Scott



How come so many people don’t know the right thing to do or say when someone has Cancer? Isadora is an indelicate, sarcastic survivor with a hidden vulnerability, whose breast cancer has returned and who’s not hesitant at all in educating people on how to act around her. While receiving treatment, she meets Tom, an affable, attractive man who manages to disappoint, anger, or intrigue her, depending on the day. Will the secrets of Tom’s past prevent what could be a blossoming relationship? How to adapt to and realistically deal with Cancer and Love later in life are demonstrated and rewarded. This comedy-drama is an emotional ride that’s full of laughter and tears and reminds all of us of what’s important in life. 

Listen to the KPBS                  with Beth Accomando.

This production of “Red Jasper” is also being promoted by the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

PERFORMANCE DATES: May 27 through June 19, 2022

PERFORMING: Friday and Saturday at 8:00 pm; Sunday at 2:00 pm

TICKETS: General admission: $25; Students/Seniors/Military: $23; Groups of 10 or more: $20

PERFORMING AT: 5915 Severin Drive, La Mesa in the La Mesa Village Center, Corner of Severin and Amaya

We are located inside the center, near the southeast corner.