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"The play has everything a good whodunit needs: humor, a plot that keeps you guessing, and a cast of great characters."

The Hollow

By Agatha Christie

Directed by Mark Loveless

Produced by Dorothy Courtney and Heather Kenney

February 28 through March 29, 2020

An unhappy game of romantic follow-the-leader explodes into murder one weekend at The Hollow, home of Sir Henry and Lucy Angkatell, arguably Christie’s finest comic grande dame.

Dr. Cristow, the Harley Street lothario, is at the center of the trouble when assembled in one place, we find his dull but devoted wife, Gerda, his mistress and prominent sculptor, Henrietta and his former lover and Hollywood film star, Veronica.

Also visiting are Edward and Midge, whose romantic assertions are likewise thrown into the mix.

As the list of romantic associations grows so does the list of potential suspects when Cristow is shot dead. Nearly everyone has a motive, but only one of them did the deed. 

Cast (In Order of Appearance)


Henrietta Angkatell                                                                             Lizette Kent Allen 

Sir Henry Angkatell K.C.B.                                                                O.P. Hadlock

Lady Lucy Angkatell                                                                          Connie Terwilliger

Midge Harvey                                                                                     Michelle Burkhart

Gudgeon                                                                                              Kevin McGuinness

Edward Angkatell                                                                               Frank Godinez             

Doris                                                                                                   Janet M. Taylor

Gerda Cristow                                                                                     Lucinda Moaney

John Cristow, M.D., F.R.C.P.                                                             Wilson Adam Schooley

Veronica Craye                                                                                   Sara Bostrand

Inspector Colquhoun, C.I.D.                                                              Martin White

Detective Sergeant Penny                                                                  Richard Cajka


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