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Lamplighters Theatre is holding auditions for Connie Terwilliger's 



DIRECTOR:  Dennis Floyd



AUDITIONS:  Sunday, March 26, 2023, and Monday, March 27, 2023, between 7:00  and 10:00 pm. at Lamplighters Theatre, 5915 Severin Drive, La Mesa, 91945. Click on the link below to reserve an audition timeslot. If you are interested, but unable to attend either audition date, contact the Director at and alternate arrangements will be discussed.




5915 Severin Drive, La Mesa, CA 91942


CALLBACKS: Will be scheduled if needed.

SHOW RUN: June 2 through June 18, 2023.  Industry Night June 12, 2023 at 8:00 p.m.

(Please reserve June 23 through June 25 for possible extension)

PERFORMANCES:  Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m., Sundays at 2:00 p.m.

REHEARSAL SCHEDULE: Rehearsals will begin mid-April.  Specific schedule will be based upon availability of cast members. Please bring all potential rehearsal conflict dates to the audition..

AUDITION INFORMATION: Sides will be provided upon request, as well as a link to the script. 

Please bring your most current headshot and resume.

All roles are open for inclusivity and diversity.  Lamplighters is an all-volunteer organization.



Silkworms is the story of 3 generations of strong women whose struggles for love and the beauty of life play out in different ways. Some due to changing times. Some due to changing locations. Some due to changing perspective. The grandmother, an immigrant with the wisdom of age. The daughter, driven to achieve perfection at the expense of love and happiness. The granddaughter, much like her mother, striving to find balance. Do you have to sacrifice everything?


CAST OF CHARACTERS: (There are five roles to fill.)

Faye (Female, 80’s) – Born in Italy and emigrated as a young girl.  Little formal education, but wise in the ways of the world.  Physically limited but still sharp and witty.  Speaks with an accent and uses some Italian phrases.

Helen (Female, 60’s) – Daughter of Faye. Highly educated and cultured in her speech.  Retired from a successful professional career.  Not always successful in relationships.  Recently given up her home and bought a new house to accommodate her ailing mother, for whom she is now the primary care giver.  Helen leads the choir at her church and the actor cast in this role will play piano on stage.

Claire (Female, 40’s) – Daughter of Helen.  A successful professional who is outwardly self-assured, but inwardly insecure.  Lives across the country from her mother for a reason.

Roger (Male, late 30’s-40’s) – Claire’s live-in boyfriend.  Charming and good looking; A genuinely nice guy full of ambitious ideas that never quite succeed.  Has become fully dependent on Claire and is a little defeated by that fact.

Henry (Male, 50’s-70’s) – The handyman who helps Helen with repairs.  He was once an attorney, but alcoholism and burnout led to him leaving his practice.  He has found peace and self-fulfillment from working with his hands.  He makes no secret of the fact that he has feelings for Helen.

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