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Lamplighters Theatre is holding auditions for


The Revolutionists
by Lauren Gunderson


DIRECTOR: Katrina Peterson
PRODUCER: Pam Stompoly

AUDITION DATES: Sunday, June 9: 5-8 pm and Monday June 10: 5-8 pm

CALLBACKS BY INVITATION ONLY: Thursday, June 13: 6-9 pm. Those actors called back will be notified right after auditions

Please use Sign Up Genius link above to secure an audition spot:



5915 Severin Drive, La Mesa, CA 91942


SHOW RUN: August 23 – September 15, 2024
INDUSTRY NIGHT:  Monday, September 2, 2024
PERFORMANCES: Fridays and Saturdays at 07:30 pm, Sundays at 2:00 pm
EXCEPT the second Saturday, August 31 will be a 2:00 pm matinee. There will not be an evening performance on Saturday, August 31
SHOW EXTENSION:  Please reserve the weekend of September 20-22, for a possible extension.


  • Please prepare a 60-90 second comic monologue- accents not required.
    Prepare to sing a capella the verse provided in this announcement.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early for schedule comparison and paperwork.

  • No performance conflicts permitted.
    Please use Sign Up Genius link above to secure an audition spot.

 Please bring your most current headshot and resume.

All roles are open for inclusivity and diversity.  
Lamplighters is an all-volunteer organization.



Olympe de Gouges, an 18th century French playwright, wants to write a play that expresses her deepest feelings about the lives of women during the French Revolution, but she is suffering from writer’s block. Arriving to help: Marianne Angelle, fresh from the Revolution in what will become Haiti, Charlotte Corday, on her way to assassinate a violent Jacobin leader, and Marie Antoinette, lost and confused by her fall from power and the guillotine death of her husband, Louis XVI. These “four … badass women lose their heads (some literally) in this irreverent, girl-powered comedy set during the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror. They hang out, murder Marat, deliver declarations, and try to beat back the extremist insanity in 1793 Paris. This grand and dream-tweaked comedy is about violence and legacy, art and activism, feminism and terrorism, compatriots and chosen sisters, and how we actually go about changing the world. It’s a true story. Or total fiction. Or a play about a play. Or a raucous resurrection…that ends in a song and a scaffold.” (Dramatists Play Service)
Olympe de Gouges: (35-45) Mostly badass activist playwright and feminist. Theatre nerd, art aficionado, excitable, passionate, a showman, invested in her personal freedom. Executed for her beliefs and words.

Charlotte Corday:(25-30) a badass country girl. Assassinates Jean Paul Marat in his bathtub. Kill one to save thousands. Very serious, hardened by righteousness, never been kissed. Executed for her actions. 

Marie Antoinette: (35-45) seems to be less badass, fascinating former queen of France. Sugary, graceful, unaware, unintentionally rude, yet oddly prescient. Never had a real friend, or a real husband. Executed for being rich and royal.

Marianne Angelle: (30-45) a badass black woman in Paris. A Caribbean Revolutionary from Saint- Domingue. A free woman, tough, classy, vigilant, the sanest of them all. Lives to fight on.

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